Chamoy Creative

Chamoy Creative is a millennial and bicultural full-service advertising agency with innovation at its core.


Chamoy Creative is a bicultural creative agency with innovation at its core. Chamoy Creative was born to re-define the way advertising is done. As a full-service agency that runs under a reactive, adaptive, and innovative mindset, we’re here to help your brand make a true impact. We’re not afraid to do things differently and set the trend. Our diverse and creative personality allows us to do exceptional work.


We are just the right combination between experienced and motivated. We are young, hungry and ready to take on a new task and make the best of it. We don’t do things just because it is how it has been done before, instead we always look for better and brighter ways to convey your brand’s message to your consumers. We just can’t and won’t confirm to the norm.
Everything we do has a strategy and a bigger brand idea, therefore we promise to always develop creative with a purpose.


We’re not afraid to do things differently and setting the trend when it comes to advertising. As Millennials ourselves, we are big advocates for getting creative on how to reach our consumers at the right time and place. We believe in the power of establishing meaningful relationships with our consumers through traditional and non-traditional channels. We use our creativity, experience, and talent to help our clients win with their consumers.


Our agency was born when the original four decided to put our experience and talents together to create an agency that would be different from all others. We vowed to create an agency that was constantly evolving and reactive to our rapidly changing society. As brands started seeing results and spreading the word, our agency and team continued to grow. We’re proud to be part of San Antonio’s growing business scene and want to continue making an impact with our brands and our community.


Fernanda Revilla

Strategic Creative Director

Maria Fernanda Revilla, a.k.a. “Fer”, is not your typical copywriter. Fernanda grew up along the Mexican-American border attending school in Brownsville, Texas and living in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Her unique upbringing as an “American” by day and “Mexican” by night has helped her create advertising campaigns that truly connect with both the Hispanic and general markets. Today, she boasts an impressive résumé that includes television, radio, print, social media and digital campaigns for General Mills, Western Union, Orlandi Valuta, Enterprise, National and Alamo Car Rentals, NBA (Hispanic) and Susan G. Komen. Fernanda’s work has helped brands build communities in which they interact regularly with their target market. Her Spanish copy truly reflects the language, feelings and trends of the Hispanic culture she is a part of.


Lauri Revilla

Content Marketing Director

Our Content Marketing Director, Lauri, truly believes in the power of words. Growing up, you could always find her buried inside a book or raiding a neighbor’s library. A few years ago, Lauri decided to leave her career in mental health to pursue writing and content production full-time. As a psychologist turned content-marketer, Lauri draws on her training and experience to craft content that evokes feelings from the reader and allows brands to build relationships with their consumers. Her work has been published in renowned publications like Livestrong, Ehow, Global Post and Elite Dailyand has obtained over 1 million views. Lauri has also worked as a freelance copywriter for brands like Enterprise and Alamo Car Rentals, General Mills and Western Union. She is also an English Spanish translator with extensive experience in “transcreating” advertising campaigns.


Oscar Peña

Digital Marketing Director

No one understands the enormous power that a strong digital plan can have on a company’s success as much as our Digital Marketing Director, Oscar Peña. He has witnessed first-hand how a brand’s digital presence can take them from invisible to recognizable. Oscar has dedicated his entire career to helping brands develop a web and social media presence that will convert into success. He is a digital marketing veteran with over ten years of experience in Conversion Optimization, SEO, SEM, advanced analytics and social strategies. His experience growing up between Mexico City, Chicago and San Antonio has greatly shaped his ability to communicate to a diverse and multicultural audience. Oscar’s attention to detail and expertise have landed him numerous interactive projects with award-winning agencies in the United States and Latin America. He is truly an innovator and strategist in the digital marketing industry.


Alejandro Perez-Segnini

Art & Motion Director

Alejandro “Ale” Pérez-Segnini is a true artist who helps brands communicate with their target market visually and interactively. He has spent his life between the United States and Venezuela, working for highly renowned agencies and media companies, like Bromley Communications, MarketVision, Canal Uno and Makinando Productions. From graphic design, motion design, audio engineering, web design and 3-D animation – Ale can do it all. His creativity and vision shine through every single one of his projects.